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Working with my advisor

Message center

Message Center is a message service that allows you to safely and securely exchange sensitive information — such as your Social Security number or account information — with your advisor, members of your advisor's practice and members of your account groups.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access Message Center?

To access Message Center, you will need to provide a unique primary email address that is not listed as a primary email address by another client. You can update your primary email address in Contact Information in your Profile.

Can I access Message Center if I share an email with another member of my account/household group?

Yes, but only one of you can list the shared email as a primary email address. The other person will have to list a different email address as their primary email address. The other person can list the shared email address as a secondary email address. You can update both your primary and secondary email addresses in Contact Information in your Profile.

Why do I need a unique primary email address to access Message Center?

Your primary email address is used to send and receive secure messages in Message Center. To ensure that confidential information is being securely sent, it is required that everyone has an email address on file that is not shared with anyone else.

Who can I send messages to using Message Center?

You can send messages to your advisor, members of your advisor's practice, and members of your account groups who have a unique primary email address.

How do I send a message?

There are two ways to send a secure message:

  1. Use the messages drop-down in the main navigation
  2. Use Message Center in Transfers & Tools

Go to either location and select Compose to draft and send your message.

How will I know if I receive a secure message?

You will be notified two ways if you receive a message:

  • An email notification will be sent to your unique primary email address listed in Contact Information in your Profile. The email will direct you to log in to the secure site to access your message.
  • An alert will appear in the messages drop-down in the main navigation that will remain visible until you read the message.
Can I send attachments?

Yes. However, we recommend using Documents to upload and share files with your advisor and members of your account groups. This will help you locate your files quickly and keep them better organized.

If you do wish to send an attachment with your secure message, there is a total file size limit of 20 MB for all attachments.

You will be notified if files that you are trying to attach exceed the size limit.

Where can I find my advisor's email address?

Your advisor's email address is included in your Contacts list in Message Center.

It is also available in the My Advisor(s) drop-down in the main navigation of the secure site. Selecting your advisor’s email address will start a new message from you to your advisor.

Will I still get emails from my advisor at my personal email account?

Yes, you might still receive messages at your personal email account that don't direct you to Message Center, but only when your advisor is not including personal data that needs to be sent securely.

For example, if your advisor is sending a quick question or follow-up note that does not include private information, that email might go to your personal email account without requiring you to log in to Message Center to view it.

How long can I view my messages in Message Center?

Messages sent or received will remain visible in your Message Center folders for a period of 5 years. Messages older than 5 years will be automatically deleted. You can manually delete your messages any time.

Ameriprise Financial is required to supervise communications. If you delete messages from Message Center, Ameriprise Financial may save and archive — and reserves the right to review, retrieve and reproduce — any secure messages that are sent between you and your advisor, other employees, or Ameriprise Financial representatives or other members of your account groups.

Why aren't my messages showing up in Message Center?

There are two reasons you may not see messages:

  1. Messages are automatically deleted from Message Center after 5 years.
  2. If you change your primary email address in your profile, messages you've sent or received in Message Center might take a few minutes to display.
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