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Ameriprise Financial provides Research Tools you can use to conduct markets and investment research. This information is not published by Ameriprise Financial and should not be considered an endorsement of any particular investment strategy, product or service. You should work with your financial advisor or other financial professional in making investment decisions geared for your financial goals.

Frequently asked questions

How do I set up and edit Market Data Alerts?

To set up a new Market Data Alert:

  1. Go to Market Data Alerts.
  2. Click Create New.
  3. Follow the steps to enter the details for your alert, including the type of alert (Market Data or News), the symbol, alert condition, threshold, delivery options and delivery time.
  4. Note that News alerts and some Market Data alerts are recurring alerts. For Market Data alerts where you set the value, you will receive just one alert when the event is triggered.

To edit an existing Market Data Alert:

  1. Go to Market Data Alerts.
  2. Select Manage Alerts.
  3. Locate the alert you'd like to edit and click the Edit button next to it.
  4. Enter your edits in the appropriate fields and click Next.
  5. Review your edits and click Update Alert. Or, if you need to make additional edits, select Back.
How do I set up and edit Watchlists?

To set up a new Watchlist:

  1. Go to Watchlist.
  2. Select Create New Watchlist.
  3. Enter a new watchlist name and Save. You can have up to 10 watchlists.

Key actions:

  • To add a symbol to your watchlist: Search for a symbol and select Add. You can add up to 90 symbols per watchlist.
  • To change the watchlist you are viewing: Select your watchlist from the "View a differenct watchlist" dropdown.
  • To rename your watchlist: Go to that watchlist and select Edit.
  • To delete a watchlist: Go to that watchlist and select Delete.
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