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Investment Research Group

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Backed by unbiased, independent research

Clients trust you to help them to achieve their goals — no matter the market conditions. Provide timely, thorough advice with the support of the Investment Research Group (IRG) and Ameriprise Global Asset Allocation Committee. Ameriprise does not conduct any equity underwriting activities so you can be confident the research you access is unbiased.

Our IRG analysts offer independent, objective research, 600+ years of combined industry experience and nearly 30 professional certifications. From asset allocation guidance to high-quality investment solutions, they’ll help you build client portfolios with confidence. And when you’re ready to share market insights with clients, you can leverage pre-approved communications tactics written to a consumer audience:

  • Daily social media posts
  • Weekly and monthly commentary emails on the markets and economy
  • Ongoing videos, audiocasts, seminars and whitepapers

Extend your impact with our team of experts, research and turnkey communications — leading to a better experience for your clients during any market conditions.

“Ameriprise provides research, talking points and seminars I can use to have meaningful conversations with clients about volatile markets – anytime.”

Leasha Flammio-Watson, CFP®
Private Wealth Advisor, Melbourne, FL

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including possible loss of principal and fluctuation in value.
Investment advisory products and services are made available through Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC, a registered investment adviser.