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Investment Research Group

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Timely, trusted and thorough market research

No matter how the market is doing, your clients will have questions – about their short-term goals and long-term plans. The Investment Research Group (IRG) at Ameriprise equips you to have proactive conversations with your clients and in-depth discussions about market conditions and investment strategies -- plus it provides tools you can use to share timely information during market volatility.

Build financial plans based on world-class research 

You need reputable, objective research to help create sound investment strategies for your clients. Our IRG analysts produce equity, fixed income and manager research that help you and your clients better understand today’s markets, so you can make more informed choices. 

The Ameriprise Global Asset Allocation Committee is comprised of highly experienced strategists, including frequent CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business contributors David Joy and Russell Price. This team of IRG members focuses on delivering asset allocation guidance and actionable investment strategies, insights and commentary you can use in your practice every day.

Turnkey ways to share market perspectives with clients 

Not only does Ameriprise provide in-depth research for you as an advisor, we also make it easy for you to proactively share this information with your clients. Ameriprise advisors can deliver: 

  • Daily coverage of overnight events/outlook on the trading day ahead
  • Daily market and economic commentary from the Global Asset Allocation Committee
  • End-of-day summaries following volatile trading sessions 

Much of this research can be sent directly to clients or published on your website. You can also enroll to access IRG research updates for your social media sites. When market volatility occurs or other major economic news breaks, the timely information can provide a deeper understanding and perspective – that you can share the same day. 

“Ameriprise provides research, talking points and seminars I can use to have meaningful conversations with clients about volatile markets – anytime.”

Leasha Flammio-Watson, CFP®
Private Wealth Advisor, Melbourne, FL

Stay ahead of your competition 

If you’re doing your own market research – is that really time well spent? Let our powerful combination of timely research and client-approved communications help you put clients at ease, have more productive conversations about long-term goals and provide a better client experience in any type of market.