How we safeguard your accounts

Protecting your privacy and security is a top priority

We value the confidence you have placed in us and are committed to ensuring your account information and access are protected. To find out more about how to keep your information secure and to view our Online Security Guarantee, visit our Privacy, Security & Fraud Center.

Multiple controls to protect your identity

If we ever need to confirm your identity when accessing the secure site, you will be required to use a one-time passcode (OTP) sent to your phone number on file. Therefore, when you register for secure site access you will be required to provide a phone number if you do not already have one on file.

Tips to protect yourself from online fraud

Identity verification

When you contact us, whether online at or through Customer Service, we will ask you for personal information to verify your identity. This is done for your protection.

Please note, we will never ask you to provide your personal information or account information through an email message.

Instructions and verification

Your financial advisor may make certain transactions, such as buying and selling securities or sending disbursements from your account, on your behalf by following your instructions. Other transactions, such as trading in a discretionary manner or distributing money to third parties via check or wire/ACH transfer, require your written authorization. All transactions will be included in your account statement. Additionally, with most transactions involving investments, financial planning services or money movement to third parties, we will send you original transaction confirmations.

Tips for verifying your transactions

Making payments and receiving checks

For your protection, we require that checks be made payable to an appropriate Ameriprise entity, such as Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC, or American Enterprise Investment Services, Inc. (AEIS).

Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC (Ameriprise Financial), does not accept cash.

Checks for money market accounts and your Ameriprise ONE® Financial Account will be sent directly to the address you provided. Your financial advisor cannot receive them for you.

Tips for making safe transactions


We have a very strict policy regarding forgery. Financial advisors, their staff and any Ameriprise Financial employees are not allowed to sign any documents for you, even if you have given them permission.

Tips to avoid forgery