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Document Delivery Preferences
What is online document delivery?

Online document delivery means your documents are available to view online in the secure site on An email notification will be sent when new documents are available for you to view online.

What is “paperless”?

Selecting Paperless in your Document Delivery Communication Preferences means you will no longer receive paper versions of available documents in the mail. Paperless simplifies your account management by reducing waste and providing a secure way to access or print your documents online. Occasionally, certain documents may be sent by mail, even if you select Paperless. To learn more, view the Document Consent Agreement.

Can anyone receive online document delivery?
  • Anyone over 18 years of age, with a valid Client ID, can receive online document delivery. This includes trusts and corporations.
  • Clients under the age of 21 will not be able to view account statements online.
What types of documents are available through online document delivery?

Most account statements, tax documents, financial confirmations, shareholder documents and administrative documents are currently available for online delivery.

Account Statements 
Monthly, quarterly and annual statements, regulatory inserts such as Notice of Account and product changes, privacy notices, ADV documents and updates to client agreements. 

Between statements, you can view your account activity online:

  • To view up to 30 days of account activity for all accounts, go to Recent Activity on your Overview.
  • To view up to 90 days of account activity, choose an account and go to Activity.

Tax Documents
You may receive:

  • Form 1099-R Distributions from Pensions, Annuities, Retirement or Profit-Sharing Plans, IRAs, Insurance Contracts, etc.
  • Form 1099-B Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions
  • Form 1099-INT Interest Income
  • Form 1099-DIV Dividends and Distributions
  • Form 1099-OID Original Issue Discount
  • Form 1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income
  • Form 5498 IRA Contribution Information
  • All tax documents, along with other relevant tax information normally included in the tax package, can be e-delivered.  
  • Tax documents are available online within 1 – 4 days of documents being generated

Financial Confirmations 
Notifications of activity on an account or product held at Ameriprise Financial. You may receive financial confirmations for the following kinds of transactions:

  • Buying or selling stocks, mutual funds, bonds or other securities
  • Surrendering a certificate
  • Transferring money
  • Making a payment to a RiverSource Life Insurance Company or RiverSource Life Insurance Co. of New York insurance policy

Financial confirmations are available online within 1– 4 days of processing the transactions.

Shareholder Documents 

  • Annual reports, semi-annual reports and supplements — Statements of a company's operating and financial results.
  • Prospectuses — Documents describing a mutual fund's objectives, history, manager background, and financial statements.
  • Proxies — A formal document signed by a shareholder to authorize the company's management to vote the holder's shares at a company's annual meeting.

Administrative Documents

  • Change of beneficiary confirmations
  • Name change confirmations
  • Change of advisor notifications
  • Change of suitability confirmations
  • Financial planning confirmations

Confirmations of most activity, such as a beneficiary updates or name changes, are available online within 4 days of processing the change. Others, such as financial planning confirmations, may require up to 10 days to become available online.

RiverSource Contract Documents 

  • Insurance policies
  • Annuity contracts
  • Endorsements
  • Other documents comprising of your policy or contract
How long are documents available online?
  • Account statements are available online for 7 years from the date the statements are posted.
  • Tax documents and supplemental information are available online for 7 years from the date on the document.
  • Financial confirmations are available online for 7 years from the date transactions are processed.
  • Shareholder documents are available online for 60 days. Proxies are available online until their due dates.
  • Additional documents are available online for 7 years from the date the activity was processed.
  • RiverSource contract documents are available online for the life of your policy or contract.
Why might I still get documents in the mail after selecting Paperless for my Document Delivery preference?
  • It can take up to 60 days to stop receiving paper versions of shareholder documents.
  • Shareholder documents for certificates, unit investment trusts, real estate investment trusts and bonds are not available for online delivery.
  • Some fund companies do not authorize their shareholder documents to be delivered online.
  • Account statements for banking-related products are not available for online delivery.
How will I know when a new document is available online?

You will receive an email alerting you when documents are available online.

How can I ensure I will receive email alerts for my online documents?
Can I change my document delivery preferences?

You can change your delivery preferences at any time in Communication Preferences in your Profile.

How does selecting Paperless for my Document Delivery preferences affect other owners of my accounts?

The impact varies somewhat depending on the types of documents you select Paperless as your preference.

If you select Paperless for:

  • Account statements
  • Financial confirmations
  • Additional documents for an account with multiple owners


  • Account statements, financial confirmations and administrative documents for all other owners of the account will also be available to view online, even if those other owners have not selected Paperless as a Document Delivery preference for themselves.
  • Paper copies will no longer be sent via mail to any of the owners.


If the taxpayer on the account selects Paperless for:

  • Tax documents


  • All IRS tax documents for the client who is the taxpayer on the account, along with supplemental tax information included with tax reporting, will be available to view online.
  • Paper copies will no longer be sent via mail to any of the owners.


If you select Paperless for:

  • Shareholder documents for an account with multiple owners


  • Impact will vary, depending on a number of factors. If you have questions, please call Customer Service at 800.862.7919. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have.


If you select Paperless for:

  • RiverSource contract documents


  • All owners of the policy or contract must have selected Paperless in order to receive the contract online.
  • If all owners have not selected Paperless, the contract will be sent via mail.
  • If all owners have selected Paperless, paper copies will no longer be sent via mail.
Personal Information
How do I update my email address, phone number or mailing address?

You can update your email address, phone number, permanent and mailing addresses in Contact Information in your Profile.

When will my new email address, phone number or mailing address be effective?

Email addresses and phone numbers are effective immediately. Your mailing address will be effective in 2 business days.

What is a mailing address?

You can set up a mailing address if you'd like your Ameriprise Financial mail to be delivered to a second address. If you don't set up a mailing address, your mail will be delivered to your permanent address.

If I move out of state, will Ameriprise Financial help me find a new advisor?

Yes. You can always ask your current financial advisor for a referral or find a financial advisor using the advisor locator feature on Ameriprise Financial will assign you a new financial advisor if you don't find one on your own. You'll be notified who your new advisor is by mail.

Text Alerts
How do I enroll to receive text alerts?

You can enroll in text alerts in Alerts in your Profile.

What types of actions are eligible for receiving text alerts?

Once enrolled in text alerts, you can choose to be notified when any of the following items are changed:

  • Password
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Mailing address

In addition, you can choose to receive text alerts when:

  • You receive a secure message
  • A document is shared with you from your financial advisor or other members of your household group
  • A document requires your electronic signature
  • Your financial advisor schedules a new meeting with you (includes an initial alert and a reminder sent approximately 5 days before the meeting)
  • A new external bank account is added for money transfers
  • A money transfer is requested or updated to one of your eligible accounts
  • A money transfer is requested or updated from one of your eligible accounts
  • Your account was logged into from a new browser or device
  • Your account is locked due to multiple failed attempts to log in
How do I update my mobile phone number for receiving text alerts?

To update the mobile number that is enrolled in text alerts, go to your Text Alerts Delivery Settings on Alerts and Change Phone Number. Select a new number from the drop-down. You will also be provided a link to add a phone new number in your Contact Information.

Are there any charges associated with receiving text alerts?

The text alert service is free; however, message and data rates may apply per your mobile service carrier.

How do I stop or unenroll from receiving text alerts?

You can stop receiving text alerts by:

Also, if you are enrolled in text alerts with a mobile number, and you change or delete that number in your Contact Information, you will automatically be unenrolled and will need to re-enroll in text alerts.

Will I continue to receive text alerts if I change mobile carriers, even if my number remains the same?

If your number remains the same, you will continue to receive text alerts. The only time you need to re-enroll is if the mobile phone number you initially enrolled with is changed, updated or deleted.

Can I receive text alerts at an international phone number?

No, the text alert service is available to U.S. domestic phone numbers and carriers only.

What are the Terms and Conditions for enrolling in text alerts?

The Terms and Conditions are available for your review in the text alert enrollment process and state:

You agree to receive an activation code from Ameriprise. Message frequency varies based on the alerts you select to receive. Text STOP (90833) to stop receiving text alerts from AMERIPRISE (90833) and text HELP (90833) for information. For assistance, please call Customer Service at 800.862.7919. Message and data rates may apply.

View our privacy policy.

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