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Shareholder documents

You can view, print and download your shareholder documents for accounts in your household group(s) in Documents.

Frequently asked questions

What types of shareholder documents are available online?

Shareholder documents are available online for accounts in your household group(s) and include:

  • Annual reports, semi-annual reports and supplements – Statements of a company's operating and financial results
  • Prospectuses – Describes a mutual fund's objectives, history, manager background, and financial statements.
  • Proxies – A formal document signed by a shareholder to authorize the company's management to vote the holder's shares at a company's annual meeting.

Shareholder documents for pension accounts, certificates, unit investment trusts, real estate investment trusts and bonds accounts on which you are a designated fiduciary are not available for online delivery.

You can access your shareholder documents in Documents.

How long will shareholder documents be online?

Most shareholder documents will be available online for 45 days. Proxies will be available until their due dates.

Will I still get shareholder documents in the mail?

Shareholder documents are sent via U.S. mail unless you change your document delivery preference to "Online". You can change your preference in Communications Preferences in your Profile.

How will I know when a new document is available online?

If you have chosen online document delivery, you will get an email alerting you that a new document is available online. If you have not chosen online document delivery, your shareholder documents will be online by the time the paper versions arrive in the mail. View or change your preference in Communications Preferences in your Profile.

How can I ensure I will receive email alerts for my online documents?

For detailed information, see steps to help ensure you receive emails from Ameriprise Financial.

Email alerts for online documents are only available for accounts in your primary household group.

Why did I receive multiple notifications for shareholder documents on the same day?

Depending on your investments and whether other people in your household have signed up for paperless delivery using the same email address, you could receive multiple notification emails on the same day.

What do I do if I can't view my shareholder documents?

Because shareholder documents are PDF files, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 (or higher) on your computer. If you still have trouble viewing a shareholder document, try saving it to your desktop (by right clicking on the link and selecting "Save" or "Save as") and then opening the saved file.

You may not see shareholder documents for accounts in which you have joint ownership because they display under the other owner's Client ID.

How do I save shareholder documents to my computer or print them?

First, open the item. Then, use the functionality in Adobe Acrobat Reader to "Save" and "Print." If you use Windows Vista, you may need to right-click on your browser icon/shortcut and select "Run as administrator" and then pull up the item you wish to save or print.

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