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Making your move seamless and successful

Ameriprise Financial has award-winning services and it shows. Our support starts with your transition. We guide you and your clients through key steps with a dedicated transition team and proven processes to make your transition as seamless as possible.

Proven transition process

  • Dedicated transition team – Works with you to establish an onboarding and communications strategy, anticipate and handle challenges and gradually introduce you to products and services.
  • Transfer registration assistance – Assists you in transferring your FINRA registration and general licenses — from any state — to Ameriprise
  • Announcing your move – Access to the materials and resources you need to announce your move
  • Transferring client accounts – Assist you with new-business paperwork and facilitate account openings
  • Technology access & support – Manage both your clients and your practice with our secure, integrated technology

“The best part of the transition process to Ameriprise was knowing that I had a strong team supporting my move and I would have a suite of technology tools to help me better serve my clients.”

Donna Cates, CDFA®, CRPC®
Ameriprise Financial Advisor

At Ameriprise Financial, we understand the transition process — we have on-boarded almost 3,000 advisors. We can help anticipate issues, address your concerns and proactively resolve them.

Learn more about how we'll support you and your clients

We know change isn’t easy. That’s why from the moment you sign the offer letter and through key steps of your transition, our dedicated transition team will be with you to help provide support. From our corporate office to field resources, you’ll have access to the services, technology, training and leadership you need to start off strong.

  • Field vice president (AFG) or branch manager/complex director (AAG) – Your primary channel to Ameriprise and the person who will help ensure you’re up and running as quickly as possible
  • Transition manager – Provides coaching, guidance and support with a customized plan from the time you sign your offer through the first 120 days
  • Technical help line – Provides comprehensive technical support
  • Support desk – Helps move your clients and book of business, facilitates new account transfers and coaches you through procedures and services
  • Concierge desk1 (for $500K+ GDC only) – Provides support for your growing practice
  • Onsite support team2 (for $500k+ GDC only) – Assists with new account opening and transfer paperwork, business tracking, coaching and training

“When it came time for my transition, I worked with a small team who helped me with all my accounts, including client communication and paperwork. This all happened within the first week.”

Rhonda Wagner, CFP®, ChFC®
Ameriprise Financial Advisor

We understand the amount of work it takes to transfer client accounts to a new firm. That’s why your support team will assist with new-business paperwork, explain how to submit business forms and avoid common pitfalls, and provide tracking tools to help manage new business. Plus, to help minimize costs, we’ll reimburse your clients for both ACAT and non-ACAT transfers up to $199 per account during your first 120 days at Ameriprise.

Services to help ensure a smooth transition

  • Mutual fund book-of-business review – Reviews the funds in your book and breaks down how each fund aligns with our product offerings
  • Separately Managed Accounts Program – Helps identify which of your separate account managers and strategies are already available for transfers and new sales
  • Accommodation Annuity Program – Continue to service certain annuities sold prior to joining Ameriprise and be paid trail commissions on them 

“We didn't look to move because we were unhappy — we looked because we wanted to improve our practice and gain more growth opportunities, so we could better serve our clients.”

Kevin Donoghue, CFP®, CRPC®, CPA
Ameriprise Private Wealth Advisor

To discover more about our transition support at Ameriprise, call us at 800.990.5286

1Concierge desk is only applicable for advisors with a GDC of $500K+
2Onsite support team is only applicable for advisors with a GDC of $500K+
Investment advisory products and services are made available through Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC, a registered investment adviser.