Internet privacy statement

Effective Date: July 2018

Information we collect about you online

We want you to get the most out of your visits to our website and use of our applications, so we make certain offers and services available to you, such as secure online account access and management options. To provide our users with these and other online tools, we will, from time to time, request that you provide us with your personal information, such as your name, address, email address and telephone number. We may also receive your contact information via a third-party website if you request information about financial products and services on that website.

  1. Website/Application users: We will ask you for certain contact information when you register for online services and products.
  2. Ameriprise Financial clients: We will ask you for certain personal information if you want to access your Ameriprise Financial accounts online or request online services and products so we can provide you with secure online account access or the requested services or products. In some instances, we will need to supplement the information you provided with certain personal information about you obtained from third parties to process your online transaction, such as a credit check when applying for a brokerage margin account.

We will collect and maintain information about your account, online account activity, online services and products requested and your usage of our website and applications to help us administer your online account needs and to continually improve your online experience by providing you with customized, relevant information and offers.

TO PARENTS OF CHILDREN UNDER 13: We do not knowingly collect data online from or market online to children under the age of 13. If you are a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13 and believe that personal information may have been collected from your child, please read "How we use the information we collect" below. For more information about the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), visit the FTC website:

How we use the information we collect

Whether you are a new website or application user or an Ameriprise Financial client, we use personal information collected on our website or applications to handle the transactions you initiate and provide services you request. In some instances, we will share your contact information with carefully selected service providers to assist us in processing your online transactions or to deliver the services, products, and marketing you request online. 

To ensure that you get the most out of your visits to our website and applications, we may use your personal information in combination with other information we have about you as an Ameriprise Financial client and information provided to us by third parties to present you with customized and relevant information and offers. For example, we may send offers pertinent to your home ownership that may help you protect your assets.

To better meet your overall financial needs, we may also share your information with our affiliates that we believe can offer complementary services or products to our clients or that we believe may be of particular interest to Ameriprise Financial clients.

We may disclose personal information collected on our website or applications when such disclosure is required or permitted by law. For example, we may be required to disclose personal information to cooperate with law enforcement and regulatory authorities, as part of the sale, assignment, or other transfer of our business, bankruptcy proceedings, or to perform authentication procedures to prevent fraud.

Tracking activity on our website

To enhance the quality of your visit to our website and applications, we track website and application use activity. The information we gather helps us:

  • Develop a better understanding of website and application use activity to improve our site and application offerings
  • Resolve issues clients may encounter in using our website or applications, including the submission and completion of online transactions
  • Monitor against fraudulent activities
  • Provide you with customized and relevant information and offers

We may gather information such as:

  • Your name, address, email address, mobile and home telephone numbers
  • Your client ID and account balances
  • Your IP address, browser type and version
  • Which pages you view; which page, if any, linked you to our site; and which link, if any, you follow when leaving our site

About cookies

  • Ameriprise Financial cookies: A "cookie" is an electronic file that holds small strings of text. When you visit our website, we send a cookie to your browser so that we can recognize it when you or another user of your computer returns to our website.

    For example, when you first visit our website, we present an introductory page designed for new users. The fact that you have already visited the introductory page is recorded in a cookie so you won't see the introductory page again. 

    Note regarding browser settings: For security purposes, if you are registered for the secure site on, please enable your browser to accept cookies from us so we can recognize you and ensure online access to your account information. If cookies are not accepted, you will be unable to access your account information through the secure site.

  • Third-party cookies: When you visit our website by clicking on certain banner ads or special offers on our partners' website, we may track this information to improve navigation and deliver relevant information when you arrive at our website. We also do this because we want to determine if our ads and special offers are appealing to our users.

    In the course of serving our ads to you, a unique third-party cookie may be placed or recognized on your browser. In addition, we use web beacons, provided by our third-party ad server, to help manage and optimize our online advertising. These web beacons enable us to learn which ads we place on third-party sites bring users to our website. We also place web tags on certain pages of our website. These tags enable selected companies with which we have strategic alliances to determine if you initiate action on a joint offer. This allows the other company to avoid serving you ads for the same offer on subsequent visits to their website.

Tracking activity by third parties on our websites

Response to web browser "Do Not Track signals": While most modern web browsers include a “Do Not Track” setting, we do not currently respond to these signals. Using the “Do Not Track” setting will not prevent tracking across the networks of websites and online services in which we participate. If we do respond to these signals in the future, we will describe how we do so in this privacy policy. For more information about how to control data collection from your browser, visit the Digital Advertising section of this policy. 

How we use your email address

If you provide us with your email address when registering for an online service or product or when accessing your account online, we will use it to contact you about online services and products for which you have registered or about your account.

We may use your email address to send you email messages, including the following:

  • Service notifications related to your account(s)
  • Regularly scheduled email newsletters related to Ameriprise Financial
  • Products or services for which you are enrolled 
  • Requests for names and contact information of individuals you think could benefit from our products or services
  • Optional email communications for which you have registered (e.g., newsletters on a selected financial topic)
  • Occasional updates about our products and services as well as Ameriprise Financial marketing offers
  • Valuable offers from non-affiliated companies that we send on their behalf

Once you have requested information from us, we may communicate with you via email regarding your request to provide additional information related to your information request. For example, we may send you materials to help you prepare for an upcoming meeting with an Ameriprise financial advisor. However, we will never ask you to send personal information such as account or Social Security numbers by non-secure email.

To make our email offers more relevant to you, we may use information you provided in your initial transaction with us, in surveys, from information we have about you as an Ameriprise Financial client and information available from external sources such as Census Bureau data.

You can opt out of receiving marketing email from Ameriprise Financial at any time.

Keep in mind that you may continue to receive newsletters pertaining to Ameriprise Financial products and services that you are enrolled in automatically when you register for those products or services. In those cases, you must reply to and decline the newsletters individually.

Email communications sent to you by Ameriprise Financial or its service providers may contain web beacons. The web beacons allow Ameriprise Financial to know which emails are opened and acted upon so we can provide more relevant content or offers in the future.

We do not share your email address with non-affiliated companies for them to market their products or services directly to you. However, we may partner with selected non-affiliated companies to offer certain products or services we believe may be of interest to you.

You may receive email offers from other companies for Ameriprise Financial products and services if you registered to receive offers on their website, or if you receive ongoing email newsletters from the other companies that include third-party ads. If you have recently opted out of receiving email offers from Ameriprise Financial, we will process and honor your request as soon as administratively possible. In certain circumstances, you may receive email offers for Ameriprise Financial products and services from other companies until processing of your opt-out request is complete.

To opt-out of receiving offers or email newsletters from other companies, follow the instructions provided by those companies.

Digital advertising

We may partner with ad networks and other ad serving providers (“Advertising Providers”) who serve ads on our behalf, as well as for others on non-affiliated sites. Some of those ads may be personalized based on information Advertising Providers collect about your use of our applications, visits to this site, and elsewhere over time in order to provide ads relevant to your interests. These partners may use cookies, web beacons, or other similar technology to collect this information from our websites. 

You may visit or to learn more about this type of advertising that occurs in your browser, and how to opt-out of it for companies participating in the Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) self-regulatory program or the Network Advertising Initiative, respectively. We adhere to the DAA Principles. In addition, some Advertising Providers participating in the DAA may also collect data from our applications and others that you use. You can exercise choice with respect to these Advertising Providers via DAA AppChoices, which is available from the major app marketplaces. You may also be able to use your device settings to help limit data collection for this type of advertising. For iOS devices, you may be able to set “Limit Ad Tracking.” For Android devices, you may enable “Opt-out of interest-based advertising”. 

Note that electing to opt-out will not stop advertising from appearing in your browser or applications. It may make the ads you see, however, less relevant to your interests. In addition, note that if you use a different browser or erase cookies from your browser, you may need to renew your opt-out choice. Even after you opt out via the DAA or NAI, Advertising Providers may continue to collect data from your browser or application for other purposes including analytics and reporting. 

Websites that we link to

Websites to which you link from the Ameriprise Financial site or an Ameriprise Financial email may contain privacy provisions that differ from the provisions of our Privacy Statement. To ensure your privacy is protected, we recommend that you review the privacy statements of other Internet sites you visit.

Mobile app locations

When you are using a mobile app, Ameriprise may have access to limited location data as permitted by your mobile device. For example, limited location data may be accessed for location-based features such as finding an advisor near you. Ameriprise does not otherwise store or use this mobile location information except when required to do so by law, regulation or regulatory guidance.