Ameriprise Financial online security guarantee

Our commitment

We understand that protecting your assets and identity is important to you. That's why we have safeguards in place to help keep your accounts safe and secure. We are committed to our clients and their privacy and apply multiple layers of security technology to protect both financial and personal information.

Our guarantee

Ameriprise Financial will replace 100% of the funds removed from your Ameriprise® account(s) via online access by someone you have not authorized to transact in such accounts, if you have met your obligations to secure your account(s) and information (as outlined below). We will consider transactions to be authorized, and not eligible for the guarantee, if they are initiated by any person with authority over the account, including persons with whom you have shared your credentials, you have authorized to manage the account, or that have the authority to act under a power of attorney from you, your employer, your plan trustee, or third-party plan administrator, including their employees, representatives or agents that have access to the account. We are not responsible for any of those parties’ failure to safeguard your accounts.

Your obligations

Because online security is a working partnership, you will need to undertake the following obligations to help keep your accounts secure and qualify for the guarantee.

  • Promptly and completely confirm account transactions and balances are correct and valid. This can be done through regular review of statements and account information sent through e-delivery, regular mail, and from your advisor.

  • Notify us of any unauthorized activity within 60 days after the date we made available to you the account statement showing that activity. You can notify us of any incidents such as suspected unauthorized transactions, unauthorized access, or account changes to Ameriprise Financial by calling 1.800.862.7919 and asking for client web support.

  • Cooperate fully with Ameriprise Financial in investigating and prosecuting any unauthorized activity in your account. This may include filing a police report, completing a notarized affidavit, and/or permitting access to your computer and/or mobile device(s) for us to effectively investigate fraudulent activity.

Additional steps you can take

We highly recommend that you further enhance your online security by following online best practices including examples listed below. While these are not required to secure the benefits of this guarantee, they represent some best practices recommended by security experts.

Use the secure site on and the Ameriprise app to access accounts

  • If you have not done so already, register for the secure site on so you can more frequently view accounts and information, and check specific transactions.
  • Enroll in text alerts to receive notification of changes to your account(s). To enroll, once logged in to the secure site, select My Profile, and on the Personal Info tab, scroll to the Text Alerts Set Up section.

  • The Ameriprise app is available for iPhone and Android devices. To install, search for "Ameriprise" in the respective app store.

Protect your user name, password, and account-related information

  • Make sure your user name and password are unique to the secure site on
  • Protect your user name, password, and related account information and do not share it with anyone.
  • Change your password regularly, and ensure it is a “strong” password by using a combination of letters, numbers, a capitalized letter, and at least one specialized character (e.g., !, &, #, $, @).
  • Select security questions and provide unique answers that only you will know, and which can’t be easily researched through social media posts or online profiles.
  • Do not store your password or answers to security questions in your browser.
  • If you write down your user name or account number, store this information in a secure place away from your personal computer.

Protect your computer and mobile devices

  • Make certain that any electronic device you use to access has up-to-date software, including a current version of your browser software, and security software such as anti-spyware, antivirus, and firewall features.
  • Do not provide remote access to your computing devices to third parties promising to “clean up” your device or to provide remote “technical support.” These are often scare tactics designed to take control of your devices or to plant malware.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when accessing your account in public and unsecured areas. Use a private network connection when using “free” Wi-Fi networks.
  • Always log out and close your browser window or mobile app after using them.
  • Do not leave electronic devices unattended when logged in to
  • Add a pin code and enable face ID (if available) to secure your mobile device.

Follow email security best practices

  • Do not respond to, open an attachment in, or click on a link within an email outside of the secure site if you suspect the message is fraudulent, is from someone you don’t know, or were not expecting to hear from. 
  • Always confirm wire instructions verbally or in person. Don’t rely on an email or letter, even if it appears to be legitimate.
  • Do not reply to email requests for personal or financial information. Ameriprise Financial will never ask for your personal information such as your Social Security number, account numbers, or passwords, in an email.

For more information

To learn more about the steps you can take to help protect your account and personal information, review How you can protect yourself in the Ameriprise Financial Privacy, Security & Fraud Center.