Market volatility resources

Markets go through periods of loss and gain. When markets enter a more volatile period, we encourage you to rely on the personal advice you receive from your Ameriprise financial advisor, as well as timely insights from our experts. 

Market insights

Our team of market strategists provide analysis on current market conditions and longer-term trends. View timely insights, videos and commentary on market activity.

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Investing strategies for market fluctuations

Invest for the long-term

Staying the course with a plan that takes market fluctuations into account can pay off over time. Find out how missing the top performing days in the market can impact your return and learn more about the importance of a long-term investing strategy.

Investing with market volatility in mind

Ups and downs in the market are inevitable. These four strategies can help you feel more confident during times of uncertainty. Read the full article.


If you have concerns during periods of market volatility, call your advisor. He or she knows you and the details of your portfolio best. Together, you can determine what, if any, action you need to take.