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Commitment to Disaster Relief

From severe storms to earthquakes, disasters are occurring more frequently and with greater intensity. We have a long and tenured history of supporting organizations that immediately help when tragedy strikes - down the street, across the country and around the world.

National partner spotlight

American Red Cross: For decades, Ameriprise has supported the American Red Cross, one of the world’s largest humanitarian networks, with volunteers in more than 200 countries working together to provide aid in times of crisis. As a tenured member of the Disaster Responder Program, we annually donate more than $250,000 which helps the American Red Cross prepare in advance and immediately respond when disaster strikes.

SBP: Our support of SBP, formerly Saint Bernard Project, has remained steadfast since 2013, when the nonprofit was founded after Hurricane Katrina. Over the last seventeen years, SBP has grown substantially and now includes resiliency work ahead of disaster, investing in the long-term recovery after, and government advocacy and policy in between, with the goal of shrinking the time between disaster and recovery for families who need it most.

Additional highlights

  • True to our culture of giving back, our employees and advisors frequently contribute to disaster relief, leveraging our gift matching programs. Recent campaigns include: 
    • $90,000 Maui fires disaster response
    • $48,000 Turkey earthquake humanitarian aid
  • On the one-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine, we launched a giving campaign that, when matched by Ameriprise, generated over $100,000 in advisor and employee support for the ongoing humanitarian crisis. Funds were divided equally among Direct Relief, American Red Cross and World Central Kitchen.

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