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Account maintenance and custodial fees eligible for Ameriprise Achiever Circle Elite 2 fee waiver

Ameriprise Brokerage Account and Ameriprise ONE® Financial Account

Ameriprise ® Brokerage 529 Plan Account

Ameriprise ® Coverdell Education Savings Account (CESA)

Ameriprise ® Tax-Sheltered Custodial Account (TSCA)

Ameriprise ® Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

 Additional account maintenance and custodial fees

Ameriprise ® Brokerage Qualified Plan Investment Only Account

Ameriprise ® Custodial 401(a) Plan Account

Account maintenance and custodial fees apply to the accounts listed above; they do not apply to managed accounts. For more information about fees assessed to managed accounts, contact an Ameriprise financial advisor.

1Maintenance fees for Ameriprise brokerage accounts and Ameriprise ONE Financial Accounts with UGMA/UTMA ownerships are $15 per quarter ($60 per year).  

Eligibility for recognition in the Ameriprise Achiever Circle Elite program is achieved through maintaining a household group value with Ameriprise Financial of $500,000 or more. A household group consists of accounts owned by an individual, their spouse or domestic partner, and their unmarried children under the age of 21 who reside at the same address. Plans subject to ERISA will not be included in the total household group value when determining Achiver Circle Elite eligibility.


Service Fees

Brokerage trade related fees

Mutual fund trade related fees

Margin lending

ATM surcharge fees

The Ameriprise ONE® Financial Account is a brokerage account with cash management features.
Investment products are not federally or FDIC insured, are not deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed by, any financial institution, and involves investment risks including possible loss of principal and fluctuation in value.
Securities offered by Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC. Member FINRA and SIPC.

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