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What types of Ameriprise Brokerage accounts can I download into Quicken?

Ameriprise Brokerage accounts that you own or are able to view online are available for download into Quicken.

How do I set up my brokerage account in Quicken?
  1. Open Quicken.
  2. Select Add Account and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Click on the Help icon for more information.
  4. Select Ameriprise brokerage 133 Direct as your brokerage.

Please refer to your Quicken user guide for instructions on how to transfer your historical investment information, such as cost basis, from your current account to your new account.

How do I download my brokerage account into Quicken?

For information on setting up and downloading account information please see the Support Section of the Quicken Website for your specific version of Quicken.

For most clients, once your account has been set up you can launch Quicken and select Update Accounts.

Can I download more than one Ameriprise account into Quicken?

Yes, you can download all Ameriprise Brokerage accounts that you own or are able to view online into Quicken.

How much history can be downloaded?

For your Ameriprise Brokerage accounts, you can download up to 90 days of activity using Direct Connect.

How do I reconcile transactions if I just set up a new profile?

When Quicken recognizes a new transaction that has not been accepted, it will generally be noted on the Update Summary page with a red flag. Select the flagged account and review transactions.

If you have additional questions about Quicken functionality or using your version of Quicken, please navigate to the Quicken Support website.

I am unable to successfully download information from my accounts into Quicken. Why is this?

There are multiple reasons why the download could be unsuccessful. For help, please visit the Quicken Support website.

How can I get Quicken assistance?

Intuit, the maker of Quicken, has many options available for assistance with your software. For help with a Quicken installation, data conversion or product defect, please visit the Quicken Support website.

Also, from within Quicken you can choose Help from the menu bar. Scroll through the index for your topic or search by entering words and phrases.

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