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General help

How can I ensure the safety of my Ameriprise account information?

Ameriprise Financial uses safeguards to protect your privacy and security.

To protect the privacy and security of your data once it is downloaded into Quicken, Ameriprise recommends you encrypt your Quicken data file.

To learn more about how Quicken protects financial information, please visit the Quicken Support website.

Learn more about protecting your information online by visiting

Important Notice: Quicken currently has a 30-character password limit.  If you wish to pass your Ameriprise data to Quicken, make sure your Ameriprise password is 30-characters or less. If needed, you can log in and change your password on your Ameriprise profile page.

How do the different download methods work?

Direct Connect allows you to set up your Ameriprise accounts and initiate downloads from within Quicken using One Step Update.

Web Connect requires that you download account information from the Ameriprise site and then import the files into Quicken.

Web Connect and Express Web Connect are not supported by Ameriprise Brokerage.

Why do I need to verify my identity for Quicken Direct Connect?

For your security we must verify your identity before enabling Quicken's Direct Connect download method. To verify your identity you must complete the verification process by entering your online User ID and Password on the verification page.

If you have more than one quicken file, multiple computers you wish to complete downloads on, or have different types of accounts with Ameriprise, e.g. Brokerage or Card, you will need to complete the verification process more than once.

How does the verification process work?

If you have not completed the verification process you will be prompted from within Quicken. Please follow the prompts and instructions from within Quicken and on the verification page. You will need your Ameriprise online User ID and Password to complete this process.

When you enter your User ID and Password on the verification page, Ameriprise will run a check to verify your identity. The check will only take a few minutes to complete.

Once verification is complete, you will be instructed to close the Ameriprise window, return to Quicken and complete your Quicken activity within 30 minutes. If you do not complete your Quicken activity within 30 minutes, you will need to repeat the verification process.

What if I don't want to verify my identity for Quicken use?

In order to use Quicken's Direct connect download method, you must complete the verification process. For help with the verification process, please call customer service at 800.862.7919.

Will I have to verify my identity every time I use Quicken?

For most clients, verification occurs once for your credit card and Brokerage accounts. However, you may be required to complete the verification process more than once if you:

  • Run Quicken on multiple computers
  • Use multiple Quicken files
  • Use multiple versions of Quicken
  • Have credit cards, bank accounts and brokerage accounts
What versions of Quicken are supported by Ameriprise?

Ameriprise supports the current version and previous two versions of Quicken for Windows and for Mac.

How do I download using Direct Connect?

For help setting up and downloading account information, visit the Quicken Support website and reference your version of Quicken.

Generally, once your account has been set up, you can launch Quicken and select Update Accounts.

Are there any fees or charges for using Direct Connect?

Ameriprise does not charge a fee for downloads using either Direct Connect or Web Connect.

How can I get Quicken assistance?

Intuit, the maker of Quicken, has many options available for assistance with your software. For help with a Quicken installation, data conversion or product defect, please visit the Quicken Support website.

From within Quicken, you can search for your topic by entering keywords and phrases.

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