RiverSource® annuity performance

Your Ameriprise financial advisor can recommend financial solutions to help you retire with more confidence. Those solutions may include RiverSource® variable annuities, which can help you address retirement challenges and build your retirement portfolio.

View the performance of the following RiverSource variable annuities.

In all states except New York:

In New York:

Visit riversource.com to view the performance of other RiverSource variable annuities.

Variable annuities can help you weather market volatility and make the most of your retirement investment. Talk with your Ameriprise financial advisor today to learn more about how RiverSource annuities can help you reach your retirement goals. Or, call our Ameriprise Advisor Center at 800.257.8740 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time (CT) Monday – Friday.