Investing in the financial markets can help you reach your future dreams of retirement, education or world travel. Whether you already know a lot about the market or you want someone to help you make sense of investing, an Ameriprise financial advisor can help.

IRAs and retirement plans

Roth and Traditional IRAs offer tax advantages for retirement savings. Find out if it makes sense to consolidate by rolling over the assets in a 401(k) or 403(b) account to an IRA.* Retirement Plan Solutions for businesses can offer tax-deductible contributions and tax-deferred growth opportunities. Through strategic alliances with industry-leading retirement plan providers, Ameriprise advisors are able to provide an array of 401(k) products to meet a wide range of needs.

*Before requesting a rollover or transfer, talk to your financial and tax advisor to be sure that you are considering all the relevant issues.

Mutual funds

Consider diversifying your investments with professionally managed mutual funds. Choose from more than 2,200 available mutual funds for efficient and cost-effective money management.

Stocks and exchange traded products (ETPs)

Stocks and ETPs can play a role in a long-term, diversified investment strategy. An Ameriprise financial advisor can help you build a portfolio that works for your immediate needs and your future dreams.

Bonds and individual fixed income securities

Bonds are a debt security that can provide a predictable income stream. By working with an Ameriprise financial advisor, you have access to a wide variety of bonds to help diversify your investment portfolio.

College savings plans

Ameriprise offers a range of 529 plans, which are used to save for education expenses. 529 plan accounts provide tax deferred growth opportunities and can be used to pay for both K-12 and post-secondary education expenses. Talk to your Ameriprise financial advisor about 529 plans today.

Real estate and alternative investments

Ameriprise Financial offers a wide variety of alternative investments that may help you diversify your portfolio.

Managed accounts

A managed account provides access to investment professionals that select and monitor investments based on your investing goals and needs. Choose active involvement in regular account activities or delegate it entirely to investment professionals.

Structured products

Structured products are investments designed to provide market exposure while potentially offering varying levels of downside protection and/or enhanced market participation during a set time frame.

Unit investment trusts (UITs)

UITs are professionally-selected securities in a passively managed portfolio that offer access to a variety of investing styles, sectors and asset classes.


Options are complex and sophisticated investments that give the holder the right or the obligation to buy or sell securities at a predetermined price within a set period of time.

Syndicate offerings

A syndicate offering is a means of bringing a new security to the market. Ameriprise Financial participates in two types of offerings: closed-end funds and preferred securities.