Mobile deposit FAQ

About the service

Mobile deposit is a free, secure service available to clients through the Ameriprise Financial app.* With mobile deposit, you can use the camera on your mobile device to take a picture of a check and deposit it remotely into your eligible Ameriprise brokerage account.

*You must be a registered user of the secure site on to use the Ameriprise app. For more information, go to For compatible devices, operating systems and other details, also see Ameriprise app FAQ.

Currently, mobile deposit is available for certain Ameriprise® Brokerage Accounts and Ameriprise® Managed Accounts. You can view your eligible accounts by tapping Deposit Checks from the main app menu.

Other account types may become eligible for mobile deposit in future releases.

The cutoff time is 3 p.m. Central time. Mobile deposits submitted after 3 p.m. Central time or on weekends/holidays will be processed the next business day.

Yes. There is a $25,000.00* daily limit per user on the amount you may deposit via mobile deposit. When you select an account for your mobile deposit, your remaining Daily Deposit Limit amount will display just below the Account Balance.

*Contribution limits to qualified IRAs are typically lower. Please contact your advisor for more information.

Mobile deposits are subject to a 5-business-day hold period and typically become available for withdrawal on the business day following the hold period (i.e., the 6th business day following the date of deposit).

Ameriprise reserves the right to extend the hold period at its sole discretion (e.g., deposit is unusual, is for a new account, etc.).

Note: Requests to move mobile deposit funds internally or trade within an account are permitted during the hold period.

Yes. Because mobile deposit is a service offered through the Ameriprise app, it is covered by safeguards similar to those we use to protect your privacy and security online.
No. To protect your personal and account information, check photos are not stored on your device.

Depositing checks

Only endorsed checks that are made payable to you or American Enterprise Investment Services (AEIS)* may be deposited using mobile deposit. Checks must be issued by a U.S. bank in U.S. dollars.

In addition, checks used to fund most new Ameriprise Brokerage Accounts and Ameriprise Managed Accounts can be accepted via mobile deposit.

*AEIS is the clearing broker dealer for Ameriprise Financial and owns the bank account into which the checks are deposited.

Yes, checks that cannot be accepted via mobile deposit include those that are:

  • Dated more than 90 days older than the date of submission
  • Travelers checks
  • Money orders
  • Counter checks
  • Starter checks
  • Credit card convenience checks
  • Drawn on a foreign bank or payable in a foreign currency
  • Payable to cash
  • Payable to others even if endorsed to person depositing
  • Returned unpaid for any reason
  • Undated or postdated
  • Demand drafts or remotely created checks that lack the signature of the person authorizing the check (e.g., Check Free)
  • Substitute checks created from an electronic image
  • Irregular in any way (e.g., amount written line is different than the numerical amount)
  • Registered government warrants
  • Suspected to be fraudulent or not properly authorized or modified in amount or payee fields
  • In excess of the aggregate amount of approved deposit limits for mobile deposit
For checks made payable to you: For checks made payable to American Enterprise Investment Services (AEIS)

Endorse the back of the check as follows:

For Deposit only [insert signature] payable to AEIS account # [insert Account Number].

Endorse the back of the check as follows:

For Deposit only, AEIS account # [insert Account Number].

  1. From the Ameriprise app main menu, tap Deposit Checks
  2. Read and agree to the Mobile Deposit Addendum (on first use only)
  3. Select an eligible account for your deposit
  4. Select the Contribution Year (if requested)
  5. Enter the Deposit Amount
  6. Take photos of the front and back of your endorsed check
  7. Submit your deposit

Use these photo tips:

  • Place your endorsed check on a plain, dark surface in a well-lit area
  • Position the camera directly over the check for a straight shot (no angles)
  • Center the check within the guides (all 4 corners of the check should be within the guides)
  • Then:
    • Apple users: Wait for the photo to be taken
    • Android users: Press the Snap Photo button when ready

You should:

  1. Write a note on the check indicating it was electronically deposited and include the date of deposit.
  2. Retain the check for 10 business days to ensure the deposit is fully processed and the check is no longer needed.
  3. Validate that the deposit has been credited to your account by logging in to the Ameriprise app or the secure site on and going to the Activity tab for the account.
  4. Shred or safely discard the check.

You can go to "View Mobile Deposits" in the app. Mobile deposits will display there for 30 days following submission with a status of Pending, Rejected or Submitted.

Once fully processed and posted, mobile deposits will display under the Activity tab for your account on the Ameriprise app and the secure site on, as well as on your next consolidated statement.

Note: You will not receive separate notification of the deposit by email or otherwise. You are responsible for verifying that your deposits have been correctly posted to your account each day and notifying us immediately of any discrepancy.

If your check is rejected, the reason for rejection and action you can take will display under "View Mobile Deposits" in the Ameriprise app. In most instances, you can correct the issue and resubmit the check or contact your advisor or customer service for assistance.