Fixed index annuities

Key Points

  • A fixed index annuity can help add stability and accumulation options to your retirement savings
  • With a fixed index annuity, you are not investing in the markets
  • It helps protect your principal and any interest credited from downturns in the market and also provides opportunities for growth

A fixed index annuity is a long-term retirement savings vehicle that can help add stability to your retirement portfolio. It can help protect your principal from market downturns and provide opportunities for growth.

Why fixed index annuities?

A RiverSource® fixed index annuity can help add stability and growth potential to your retirement portfolio with these benefits:

  • Principal protection: With a fixed index annuity, you are not investing in the market. Instead, a fixed index annuity offers you the opportunity to be credited interest, using a cap or spread, based on the performance of certain market indexes, with the assurance of knowing your principal is protected from losses.
  • Growth opportunities: Multiple indexed accounts, along with a fixed account, provide you with opportunities to accumulate interest.
  • Guaranteed income: Annuities offer you a variety of guaranteed income options. All guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the issuing company.

Annuities are intended for retirement investing; therefore withdrawals made from an annuity before age 59½ may be subject to a 10% IRS tax penalty.

If you use an annuity within a retirement plan that is already tax-deferred, such as an IRA, the annuity doesn’t provide any additional tax deferral.

Take the next step

Ameriprise Financial can help you plan for a more confident retirement with our own RiverSource® fixed index annuity.

Be sure to talk to a financial advisor about the annuity's features, benefits, risks and fees, and whether the annuity is appropriate for you, based on your financial situation and objectives.