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Financial advising solutions and costs

Through personalized financial advice and recommendations, as well as regular progress meetings and digital capabilities, your financial advisor can help you achieve your financial goals and adjust to whatever life brings.

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How much does it cost to work with an Ameriprise financial advisor?

Each relationship with a new client begins with a complimentary consultation where you and your financial advisor discuss your financial goals. At this meeting, you may also discuss various solutions and the costs you can expect if you decide to work together.

There are several factors that go into determining how much it will cost to work with a financial advisor at Ameriprise.

How your financial advisor’s costs and fees are determined

The level of comprehensive advice you choose to receive and your personal financial goals

At Ameriprise Financial, all clients have an opportunity to discuss key financial goals with their financial advisor and track one or two priority goals online at no additional cost.

As you continue to work together, and as appropriate for your personal situation and financial goals, you may choose to receive more comprehensive advice through a financial planning relationship for an annual fee.


Comprehensive advice may include:

  • Cash flow and budgets
  • Education savings
  • Major purchase goals
  • Retirement savings
  • Protection needs
  • Estate and multigenerational planning strategies
  • Small business planning strategies
  • Tax strategies
  • Executive benefits and compensation strategies

If your situation requires it, you may also choose to work with your financial advisor on advanced financial planning and analysis. Advanced planning from your financial advisor may include complex estate, legacy and multigenerational planning and gifting strategies, multiple income sources (small business or real estate), and coordination with attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals. We’ll work with you to determine the service and solutions that best fit your financial needs and priorities.

The investment products and services you purchase

Your financial advisor has access to a wide range of investment solutions from Ameriprise and other firms that can help you achieve your financial goals and prepare you for the unexpected.

The costs of these solutions vary depending on the tailored suite of investment solutions your situation may require. Your financial advisor will help you understand and evaluate the various fees and costs you will pay before you invest.

To help support your goals, we offer a wide range of investments and services, including:

  • Brokerage accounts, in which your financial advisor may make investment recommendations. You will approve each recommendation.
  • Investment advisory solutions, which offer an array of investments in a coordinated portfolio allocated to your needs. Your financial advisor will provide ongoing financial advice and portfolio reviews.
  • Insurance solutions to help protect you and your family.
  • Annuity solutions that offer a combination of protection, tax deferral and guaranteed income in retirement.
  • Cash management solutions to help cover your everyday essentials.
Are Ameriprise fees high? What will I receive for what I pay? Is Ameriprise fee-only or fee-based? How are costs determined? Will my fees change over time? How often does an advisor communicate fees to me?

When you’re ready to reach out to an Ameriprise financial advisor for a complimentary consultation, consider bringing these questions to your meeting.

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Regular meetings with your advisor to track your progress

When you choose to work with an Ameriprise financial advisor, our goal is to help you plan for a more confident financial future. We are committed to helping you document your most important financial goals and track your progress online.

  • Your financial advisor will schedule regular meetings when, where and how you need, based on your preferences and financial needs.
  • Through the secure site and Ameriprise app, you have anytime access to your investments and digital tools to help you track your progress against your goals.

To learn more about working with Ameriprise Financial, read the Client Relationship Summary. It includes information on the products and services we offer, financial advisor fees and costs, and ways you can work with your Ameriprise financial advisor.

Learn the value of Ameriprise recommendations by having a complimentary conversation with one of our advisors.

Or, provide us with some information and our Ameriprise Advisor Center will follow up with you.


At Ameriprise, the financial advice we give each of our clients is personalized, based on your goals and no one else's. 

If you know someone who could benefit from a conversation, please refer me.

Background and qualification information is available at FINRA's BrokerCheck website.

The initial consultation provides an overview of financial planning concepts. You will not receive written analysis and/or recommendations.
Ameriprise Financial cannot guarantee future financial results.
All guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the insurance company.
Ameriprise Financial, Inc. and its affiliates do not offer tax or legal advice. Consumers should consult with their tax advisor or attorney regarding their specific situation.
Ameriprise Financial Planning Services are optional, offered separately, and priced according to the complexity of your case and your financial advisor’s practice fee schedule. Your fees and financial advisor may be subject to change.
Financial planning is generally appropriate if you have financial goals, sufficient assets and income to address your financial goals, and are willing to pay an investment advisory fee for recommendations to help you achieve those goals. Please review the Ameriprise Financial Planning Client Disclosure Brochure or, for a consolidated advisory relationship, the Ameriprise Managed Accounts and Financial Planning Service Disclosure Brochure, for a full description of services offered, including fees and expenses.
Please review the Ameriprise® Managed Accounts Client Disclosure Brochure or if you have elected to pay a consolidated advisory fee, the Ameriprise® Managed Accounts and Financial Planning Service Disclosure Brochure, for a full description of services offered, including fees and expenses as well as any applicable updates.
Investment products are not insured by the FDIC, NCUA or any federal agency, are not deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed by any financial institution, and involve investment risks including possible loss of principal and fluctuation in value.
Investment advisory products and services are made available through Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC, a registered investment adviser.    
Securities offered by Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC. Member FINRA and SIPC.

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