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How we protect your information

We are committed to protecting your privacy and security through a variety of safeguards.

How Ameriprise protects your information Passwords 2-Step Verification Limited system and information access Secure sessions and encryption Surveillance Secure messaging Decryption Email communications Information we may request from you

How Ameriprise protects your information

Ameriprise has deployed around-the-clock, increasingly sophisticated prevention and detection techniques to identify and stop security breaches. These include monitoring threat intelligence services, maintaining contact with local and federal law enforcement, and using third-party testers to make sure both internal and external environments are secure.

If you'd like to participate in the monitoring process yourself, you may wish to sign up for text and email alerts.

Tips for Ameriprise clients


Ameriprise Financial requires you to choose a User ID and password to access your account information online or through a mobile device. This is one way we can verify your identity to prevent unauthorized account access.

2-Step Verification

2-Step Verification offers a second layer of protection and helps prevent someone else from accessing your account using a stolen or compromised password. Each time you log in to your account, you will enter your User ID and password, as well as a second way to verify your identity. You can choose to receive a 6-digit one-time passcode to your enrolled phone number, or have a login notification sent to your device through the Ameriprise Financial app. For login notifications, be sure to log in to the latest version of the Ameriprise app and have notifications turned on in your phone or tablet device settings. 

Limited system and information access

Ameriprise Financial computer systems are protected by layered security devices that block unauthorized access. This means that no one without the proper web browser or mobile application configuration can view or modify information contained on our systems. Only authorized people – employees, advisors, approved contractors, etc. – can use Ameriprise Financial computer systems. And only people who need to know confidential client information have access to that information.

Secure sessions and encryption

We require that a secure session be established any time you supply or access personal or confidential information, such as when you log in to view your accounts. A secure session is established using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which encrypts the information sent between your computer and Ameriprise Financial. Only computing devices with web browsers that are compatible with SSL Technology and support encryption can be used to access your account information online.

If you are logged in to a secure area of Ameriprise Financial, but are inactive for a certain period of time, we will automatically log you out to further protect your information.


Ameriprise Financial builds profiles for all of its users that document normal site usage patterns, including login frequency and transactions performed online. We use this information to detect unusual activity on your account, so that we can verify your identity and ensure that no one has unauthorized access to your accounts.

Secure messaging

Message Center is an email program available to clients who are registered for the secure site on

Message Center offers built-in security and privacy features that allow you and your financial advisor and members of his/her staff to exchange sensitive information.


If you receive an encrypted file from Ameriprise Financial, you will need to decrypt the file before you can open it. You may already have a decryption tool residing on your computer. If not, you will have to download a decryption tool. Some tools offer free readers, while others are available for a fee.

Please see the table below for information regarding decryption tools:

Computer Type Product Name Cost Instructions
PC PKZip Reader None

Go to
Click 'Downloads'
Enter required information
Click 'Download'
Email will be sent with download link
Open email, click download link and save file

PC WinZip $30.00

Go to
Click 'WinZip Standard'
Uncheck 'add a year of upgrade assurance'
Click 'Proceed to checkout'
Enter billing address
Enter payment information
Confirm order and save file

PC Zipeg None

Go to
Click 'Download Zipeg – Free'
Click 'Save'

MAC Zipeg None

Go to
Click 'Download Zipeg – Free'
Click 'Save'

MAC Stuffit Expander None

Go to
On left side, click on 'Get It Free!'
Enter name and email information
Click 'Download Expander'
Email will be sent with download link
Open email, click 'Download' and save file

Email communications

Ameriprise Financial email communications fall into two categories:

  • Client service email: May include information about your online registration, electronic delivery notification that a message or document is available for you to view online, information about products and services for which you are registered, and responses to client service emails you initiate. You cannot opt out of client service emails and may continue to receive these emails even if you have requested to not receive email marketing offers from Ameriprise Financial.
  • Marketing email: May include newsletters, information about products and services or special offers from your advisor or Ameriprise Financial. You can opt out of marketing email messages at any time.

Take these steps to help ensure you receive emails from Ameriprise Financial.

Information we may request from you

When you initiate contact with Ameriprise Financial by phone, to safeguard accounts and verify your identity, we may ask you to confirm certain personal information. Ameriprise Financial and your advisor will never call and ask for personal information on an unsolicited basis. Additionally, we will not request your personal information in an email and will never send emails requesting you to reply in the body of an email with personal information, such as password, Social Security number, account numbers, mother's maiden name, etc. Do not respond to, open an attachment in, or click on a link within an email if you suspect the message is fraudulent.

If you are contacted otherwise or if you encounter a suspicious communication that you believe appears to be from Ameriprise Financial, please contact us at the Ameriprise Financial Services Suspicious Activity Hotline at 800.862.7919, Ext 11208, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Central Time.

You may also forward fraudulent emails or report security concerns.

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