Manage your investments for retirement

Find out why it's important to review your accounts regularly, invest for the long run, consider Roth IRA conversions, review your beneficiaries, and review and revise your financial plan regularly.

Invest for the long term

Plan for long-term investments so you can counter inflation and enjoy your retirement savings for many years to come.

Assess your risk tolerance

Find out how you can assess your comfort with risk, adjust the mix of assets in your portfolio and select a range of investments in different asset classes.

Monitor your accounts

Find out why it is important to monitor your retirement and investment accounts regularly and make adjustments annually to stay on track.

Establish a retirement income strategy

Thinking about retirement? Learn more about income strategies and what options are available to you to better support your retirement goals.

Beneficiary review

To make sure your assets are distributed according to your wishes, it’s important to review your beneficiaries. Ensure you've named the right people, provided the correct information, and find out about creating a lasting legacy with a stretch IRA.

Adjust your financial plan

Learn how to adjust your financial plan during retirement to generate income from your savings, plan for health care costs and make your savings last.

Net unrealized appreciation tax strategies

If your employer-sponsored retirement account includes company stock, you’ll need to address net unrealized appreciation (NUA). Understand how NUA tax strategies might affect you and your retirement.

Roth IRA conversion

If you have one or more traditional IRAs, learn whether to consider converting them to Roth IRAs.