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How to Enhance Your Brand — One Social Post at a Time

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5 tips for using social media to build your practice now

It’s no secret that social media has grown to be a highly effective way for businesses to reach their local market. The upside for business owners is too great to ignore — and that goes for advisors, too. But how exactly do you make the best use of social media? That’s not always clear, and many advisors are looking to partner with a firm who provides more than just ease of use.

Advisors are having great success with social media at Ameriprise Financial who has developed an effective integrated digital marketing program that combines a range of important considerations into one advisor-led platform. It helps their advisors establish and maintain a unique presence in their communities — locally and online. They’ve agreed to share their best practices, so you can see how their customizable and intuitive tools virtually eliminate the compliance risk, allow advisors to strengthen their brand and help them generate referrals as efficiently as possible. 

“Strong relationships with compliance, legal, supervision, content and analytics are the backbone of a program that works for advisors. We’re nimble – providing relevant, real-time content – and we offer features that enable our advisors to really be successful on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.” 

– Susan McCarthy, MBA, Senior Director, Ameriprise Financial
icon Mitigate risk

Partnering with a social media back engine like Hearsay helps mitigate compliance risk by screening both inbound and outbound content for keywords and phrases to avoid. At Ameriprise, their platform automates this process, so advisors can post both custom and pre-approved content when they choose — in a way that’s still effective, engaging and integrated across channels.

icon Be dynamic and be yourself

Social media is about authenticity. Even when you’re posting pre-approved content, add a personal note to better connect with your audience, provide insights and distinguish you from your competition. Something that lets clients and prospects get a look at the real you and sets your content apart. Often, a mix of business and personal works well — you can provide value and still offer a peek into who you are.

icon Listen and engage

Social media is a conversation, so it’s important to not just post, but to listen and engage, too. You can identify opportunities by watching what clients and prospects post online. 

Look for life events to help get your dialogue started such as the purchase of a new home, a job change or retirement, a change in relationship status, the birth of a child or grandchild, or a family member’s graduation.

It’s easy to congratulate clients and prospects for life changes like these — and personal touches can go a long way.

You can also leverage analytics to help you stay on top of these changes. Knowing when to send a congratulatory note, share a link to a relevant article or switch up the targeting of your social posts is a great way to improve conversations and foster deeper relationships. 

icon Grant “On Behalf Of” access

For social media to be most effective you should post regularly and never go dark. Leveraging “On Behalf Of” access lets you delegate some of your social presence to staff. Perhaps they schedule posts for you, while you continue to post ad hoc. You can always review planned posts until you feel confident they channel your voice, and knowing what’s scheduled can help ensure your original posts are compatible. 

icon Bring your social network to life

The most powerful relationships are the more personal ones. But how can you get connected and make social media personal? It doesn’t have to be difficult:

  • Search related connections on LinkedIn.
  • Ask a client or contact for an introduction to a prospect they might know.
  • Offer a complimentary, in-person or virtual consultation.

When you find ways to incorporate online connections into your real network, you’ll be better set up for success.

Get started with social media

If you’re looking to enhance your brand in a way that’s compliant and cost-effective, the best time to start is now.

“My biggest piece of advice is: Keep it simple and start with just one social media channel,” McCarthy says. “This will allow you to focus and gain confidence. If you can avoid overcommitting, you’re more than halfway to successful social media marketing.”

Learn more about the turnkey marketing and social media platform that Ameriprise offers at or call 1.866.806.9984.