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Now more than ever, integrated technology is mission-critical to your practice — it can elevate your client experience, accelerate practice growth and deepen relationships. To meet clients’ expectations when working and connecting virtually, the right resources and support are a must. A strong partner like Ameriprise, with leading-edge technology that enables digital advice, can increase efficiencies and help your practice flourish.

Interactive capabilities have always enhanced traditional planning by creating collaborative experiences, and now they’re foundational for strengthening client relationships and building new ones. By helping clients feel confident about achieving their financial goals, you can play an invaluable role in their lives — you just need to tap into effective digital tools that integrate seamlessly into your practice.

Here are three ways Ameriprise’s integrated technology can help deepen relationships and build your practice.

“Our capabilities for screen sharing, virtual meetings and online marketing let me stay connected with clients — I can meet them where they are in terms of their technology comfort level. Being able to easily interact with them during the major lifestyle and market shifts of 2020 has not only met client expectations — it has enhanced those relationships.”

— Dan Jiyamapa, Private Wealth Advisor and President Allegiance Wealth Management, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC.
icon Enriched Client Experience

The powerful combination of dynamic technology with human insights can help clients navigate financial advice complexities with confidence.

It’s essential for clients to feel they are on the right track. Capabilities like texting, "face to face" webcam meetings and screen sharing assure clients they can count on you.

The Ameriprise app has interactive tools that let clients play with assumptions and save new goal scenarios. Advisors are alerted to review them, which can lead to valuable discussions about goals and next steps. Clients appreciate the combination of data-driven modeling, technology and personal connection — which can be tailored to their preferences and technical savvy. Not only can they sign forms electronically, move money, deposit checks and collaborate with advisors virtually or in person, they can do so much more.

icon Take collaboration to the next level

Many advisors find success when they advance from managing clients’ accounts to collaborating on their overall financial lives.

Increasingly, clients expect a 360-degree view of all aspects of their finances. Jiyamapa notes, "I help clients visualize their goals by pulling up an interactive dashboard during virtual meetings. Viewing their goals and accounts in real time — and then collaborating with me to make any necessary adjustments — has increased client engagement and fostered greater peace of mind."

Ameriprise ensures our advisors feel supported. "While nobody could have anticipated the need to work remotely, our pivot to this environment has been recognized by our advisors as a differentiating strength in the industry because of our investments in digital technology," says Jay Witthuhn, Vice President — Advisor Technology Solutions at Ameriprise. "Our commitment to advisors has never been stronger, and we will remain focused on continuing to build on our platform’s strengths."

icon Expand your client base

Digital capabilities are critical to growing your practice.

Recently, people have become more accustomed to connecting virtually, so you can still give presentations and host events to expand your business. "New capabilities help you create client-ready presentations and track the effectiveness of meetings and marketing campaigns for both prospects and clients," says Witthuhn.

"When new clients are ready to open an account, they can complete the process entirely online, signing electronically through the secure site or Ameriprise app, and easily funding accounts electronically through ACH or with mobile check deposit."

In a fast-changing environment, the right technology can empower clients and spark prospect conversations.

"Ameriprise has always focused on providing digital solutions to help advisors and clients connect from anywhere, with any device,” says Gerard Smyth, Chief Information Officer at Ameriprise. “We continue to invest in data-driven insights that enhance our advisors’ capabilities to collaboratively and securely deliver what clients value."

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