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Are you a valuable resource for your clients with high net worth (HNW)? For affluent clients, investment assets are only one part of a multifaceted financial picture. You can provide significant value by helping HNW clients preserve and grow their wealth, establish a legacy, and feel more confident that you’re aligned with their overall financial aspirations.

HNW clients benefit from advisors who help them bring three major areas of financial strategy into balance, ensuring they work together to advance their goals.


“At Ameriprise, we help advisors deliver specialized services, providing clients and their advisor secure, 24/7 access to their complete financial picture.”

— Abu Arif, Senior Vice President of Asset Wealth Management and General Manager of Bank/Cash, Ameriprise Financial
icon Deep knowledge and insights.

Knowing when to tap into a partner for additional expertise is critical.

Building and maintaining wealth is essential, and serving HNW clients requires depths of expertise that can be not only time-consuming for an advisor to acquire but also outside their wheelhouse.

The right partner can provide access to a wealth of data and insights, including complex product knowledge, alternative investments, global perspective and investment advice.

icon Cash management and trust strategies.

Providing clients with dependable financial solutions lets you help them control debt, manage cash flow and mitigate risks.

HNW wealth management has as much to do with liquidity and cash flow as asset returns. Trusts can also be vital for controlling how assets are distributed, reducing potential costs, mitigating tax liability and moderating family disputes.

HNW clients need sophisticated financial management strategies, from distributing funds into a trust to leveraging credit for a major purchase. Managing investment returns along with the other side of the balance sheet means you’re serving up personalized, well-rounded solutions.

icon Advanced advice for complex needs.

You can become an invaluable partner by giving clients a comprehensive approach to wealth management.

Wealthy clients want their investment advisor to be able to consult on the full picture of wealth management, including specialties such as:

  • Estate, trust and legacy planning
  • Charitable giving — evaluation, selection, vehicles and tax implications
  • Executive compensation arrangements and tax strategies
  • Business-owner services, including succession planning
  • Complex insurance solutions, from estate to business planning and charitable giving

The more complex a client’s balance sheet is, the higher the stakes in protecting their assets.

“Ameriprise resources help our advisors deliver everything from well-rounded foundational advice to highly specialized, sophisticated recommendations generated by a team of wealth management experts — plus the tools, data and research necessary to successfully serve wealthy clients,” says Greg Nordmeyer, Executive Vice President of Wealth Management Solutions at Ameriprise.

Become a valued partner to your affluent clients with Ameriprise's support by giving them access to broad range of solutions and working with them to execute comprehensive wealth management plans.

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