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4 Ways to use digital tools to acquire clients

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Client relationships are the lifeblood of your business. As technology and consumer expectations evolve, you must ensure you have the right tools and approach for a successful client acquisition strategy.

Here are four ways to stay engaged with prospects.

“I encourage advisors to really think about digital prospecting: Search for people who have something in common with you and personalize your communications to them.”

— Kari Kopischke, Vice President, Client Acquisition, Retention & Field Engagement at Ameriprise
icon Optimize Your Digital Voice

You likely have more than one online presence for your business.

It could include a LinkedIn profile, a website, a blog, a Facebook page or more. But are you efficiently harnessing the full potential of digital capabilities to actively generate and nurture leads?

It can be time-consuming to create and regularly publish content that’s compliant with regulations. Look for a tool that offers a continually refreshed library of preapproved content with the flexibility to post custom content in real time. A built-in review process is also a must-have — it should screen your personalized posts for compliance and automatically upload content to multiple platforms, even email and text.

While turnkey content lets you maintain a consistent cadence of communication, personalized content is what really helps you stand out with clients and prospects. Make your message available to people wherever they choose to be, and make sure it resonates — and reflects who you are.

icon Take a Multi-gen Approach

Provide content that positions you as an advisor who works across the family tree.

Demonstrate the breadth of your knowledge to help clients see the value of connecting you to extended family who could benefit from your advice.

“My field leader introduced me to industry specialists who helped us consider a multi-generational approach to get more referrals,” says David Boccignone, Private Wealth Advisor at Ameriprise Financial. “Ameriprise provided the resources to bring this approach to life — and help me grow my practice.”

Social media helps you informally connect with your clients’ extended family while still sharing relevant insights. It’s a way to show both your personal and professional selves, making prospects feel like they already know you. This can increase asset retention as wealth is transferred across generations.

icon Provide Referable Service

Exceptional service to existing clients can be one of the most powerful client acquisition tools in your arsenal.

Your clients’ recommendations to friends and family are priceless, and word of mouth is supercharged online.

Make your clients feel you’re giving them exactly what they need to reach their goals, show them you’re thinking about their needs and make it convenient. This creates positive digital interactions, making people more likely to recommend you to their friends. That’s where client acquisition is headed — you’re really competing on the service you provide.

icon Keep Evolving

If one thing is clear from the disruption that every industry has seen over the past few years, it’s the importance of continuing to learn and grow.

Making evolution an intrinsic part of how you do business will help you survive and thrive in the ever-shifting landscape.

Of course, knowing what you should do and knowing how to do it are two different things. It can be helpful to affiliate with a firm that also sees change as a key part of doing business. “Ameriprise offers six-month client acquisition coaching programs to our advisors. With 3,000 participants each year, these free programs yield results,” says Kari Kopischke, Vice President, Client Acquisition, Retention & Field Engagement at Ameriprise.

With the right tools and firm, you can leverage digital marketing to support your practice today, as well as position your business for future growth.

Learn more about client acquisition resources and support from Ameriprise – call 1.866.806.9984.

4 Ways to use digital tools to acquire clients

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