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Mike Greene, CFP®

Senior Vice President

Advisor Business Development Group

Business Planning

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Planning to jump-start your practice

Business planning can help you grow your practice the way you want to grow it. At Ameriprise Financial, we have a full team dedicated solely to practice development. Whether it’s converting your data into a client acquisition plan, creating a marketing plan that works for you, or simply sharpening your leadership skills -- we have a proven track record in practice planning.

“Think of the business development team as personal trainers for your practice. By holding you accountable, we help keep you moving down the road to success.”

Scott Wilkins CFP®, CRPC®, BFA®
Vice President, Advisor Business Development Group

Techniques to help you thrive

  1. Peer learning: Leverage the experience and knowledge of others top advisors through field leader and advisor-driven focus groups. 
  2. Business planning: Our Advisor Business Development Group can help you position your practice for success by building on our proven best practices. They’ll work with you to understand your goals, help refine the direction for your practice, clearly define your goals and develop plans to achieve them. 
  3. Managing profitability: We'll help you assess your practice's productivity, analyze net flows, get a handle on budgeting and planning, and see how your practice compares with peers.
  4. Personal support: Our “personal trainers” offer one-on-one support, coaching and collaboration as you continue to build your practice.
Support may vary for Ameriprise Advisor Center, Ameriprise Advisor Group and Ameriprise Franchise Group advisors. Please consult your local field leader or recruiter for details.