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Practice Acquisition

Planning Your Succession

Benefits of our Sunset Program - Branch Advisor

  • Opportunity to earn up to 250% of your production.
  • Compensation can be paid to a deceased advisor’s estate or beneficiary.

This program also offers qualifying advisors* a three-year plan to make a smooth transition to the firm in anticipation of a planned exit from the business. First, join Ameriprise Financial as an experienced advisor — then, after three years, you can work with your field leader to transition your practice to an advisor you select.

*Advisors must be affiliated with Ameriprise for 3 or more years to qualify.

Benefits of our Selling Program - Independent Advisor

When you’ve decided on what’s next, we can help you unlock the equity you’ve built in your practice and transfer your accounts to a successor who will take care of your clients. You can exit the business in two ways: either over time to maintain income, or by selling directly through our internal market of buyers.

The right succession strategy for you depends on your personal objectives:

  • Practice valuation — our team will help you understand what your practice is worth, based on our experience and industry knowledge.
  • Choosing a successor — as we learn more about your practice, we’ll help you identify advisors who share your values.
  • Timing — you’ll have the flexibility to choose whether you transition over time, team with an advisor or scale back and work with select clients.


Protection — Letter of Intent to Purchase

Ensure your clients and your practice will be taken care of if something were to happen to you.


We offer:

  • Unique opportunity to obtain a non-binding letter of intent to purchase your practice in the future.
  • In the event of your death, we work with your executor to enter into a purchase agreement with your estate.